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Comments about Sam's writing


About Anti-Access Warfare:


"This book is clear, concise, and informative. Tangredi is not afraid to say what needs to be said, and gives no heed to political opinions of the day. I highly  recommend this book."

"Tangredi is to be commended for his straight-talking, no-nonsense prose and his unapologetically provocative style. He delivers a real body blow to advocates of 'transformation' who take things too far, and he correctly exclaims, 'What has beaten counter anti-access efforts is not weapons or technological advancements or innovative tactics. Rather, it has been a wavering of the out-of-area state's commitment to the operation owing to a concern for extrinsic events.' Crystallizing many choices that will have to be made in coming years, Anti-Access Warfare represents a valuable contribution to the A2/AD literature."--Air & Space Power Journal

"This book provides a thorough theoretical treatment of the subject but if (like me) you prefer a more practical, less abstract approach, it also offers a range of fascinating case studies. Its readable style and logical layout make it an accessible commentary on a highly-topical subject."--Australian Defence Force Journal

"For strategic landpower advocates concerned over the AirSea Battle debate, this book is an essential and foundational analysis of the anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) military problem. If strategic landpower thinkers are frustrated by the all-too-narrow terms of conversation in AirSea Battle, this book provides a more far-ranging and inclusive mental framework for A2/AD warfare problem-solving."--Military Review

"Such a fantastically written book, and definitely one that keeps you wanting to read the next page. This book is best when diving into the particulars of his case studies. Three Anti-Access Victories and Three Anti-Access failures. While books of this nature tend to be phased out by the fluidity of contemporary international politics, Mr. Tangredi’s work is very much still applicable to the context of today’s geopolitical environment. Well worth the read for anyone looking to learn more about A2/AD strategy."


About Anti-Access Warfare:

"Books by techies about data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning put many people to sleep after a page or two. But wait, here is a book on those subjects that is a real page-turner written by a famous spy catcher whose career thwarted the wicked cyber plots of our enemies, and by the dean of naval historians whose books have recounted the great successes of American technology in winning and deterring wars. In clear and crisp prose they illuminate the huge promise in mastering these technologies, and the terrible consequences of failing to do so." --John Lehman, former secretary of the Navy

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