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Sam J. Tangredi, PhD


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I have been writing on the future of our world and the national security of the United States and her allies for over thirty years... but often for a very select audience: the Pentagon and professional defense and academic journals. 

Now I write for you.

I have also voyaged the world and have been face-to-face with its reality in those places where people are unhappy, suffering or hateful.  In some places, I was welcomed with joy as protector, liberator, ally, friend.  In other places, some people would kill me if they had the means at hand.


I have tried to understand it.  The violence.  The changes from peace to war to back again. 

War is an aspect of human condition that neither you nor I nor anyone who is not God can solve.  But with persistent, open-minded and honest research we can see the dangers to come.  And we can protect ourselves, the ones that we love, our neighbors, our community, our Nation.

That has been my job.  That is what I write about.  Join me in this effort to read, think, discuss and understand.  The future is just over the horizon; everyone must study it, understand it, guide it.  If we are to avoid 9/11s.  If we are to avoid Pearl Harbors.  If we are to avoid the poor choices that leave us vulnerable or do more harm than good to us and the world.

America has been called the indespensable nation.  It must also be a wise one. 

If democracy is to continue it must be protected.  The first step is to understand. 

Join me in this voyage.        


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